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Tec Grout

Sark Tile is a proud TEC distributor, we stock TEC mortar, grout, crack isolation membranes, floor leveling systems, and caulking.

AccuColor Premium Sanded and Unsanded Grout

A polymer enhanced Portland cement grout that's specifically formulated to provide wear-resistant color consistent joints. Sanded available in 25lb. bags, unsanded available in 9.75lb. purepacks.

For your convenience, we stock matching caulking in either siliconized sanded or 100% silicone for all TEC grout colors that we stock.

Power Grout

TEC Power Grout offers superior performance and color consistency. Its formula is highly stain resistant, and provides strong joints by resisting mold and mildew, fading, efflorescence, cracking, and shrinking. Can be used in virtually any area, and is formulated for joints 1/16" to 1/2" wide. Available in stock in 25lb. bags.

Grout Boost

Turn any standard Portland cement sanded or unsanded grout into a sealed and maintenance free grout by adding Grout Boost. Grout Boost mixes with the grout in place of water when installing and will not affect the grout color. Grout Boost creates a stain proof grout that never needs resealed. In Stock in 27oz. and 70oz. containers.

grout boost