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3 Lines
Suntouch In Floor Heat

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Warm Your Tile Floor

SunTouch electric radiant heated floor mats and WarmWire heating cables are designed to warm stone and tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, entries, sunrooms, or even in your shower! Warm your floor with three easy to install heating options.

Tape Mat

tape mat

Available in stock in 10 square foot increments, WarmWire tape mats are lightweight and easy to install in your space. Just roll out the mat and secure with the double sided tape already attached to the mat, then embed in 1/4" thinset mortar or 3/8" of self-leveling thinset. The mesh of the tape mat allows for easy adhesion of the thinset to the subfloor and is easily modified for curves and corners in your space.

WarmWire with Ditra Heat

WarmWire with Ditra Heat

Run SunTouch WarmWire with ease through the Ditra Heat Membrane from Schluter Systems. Ditra Heat is lightweight and provides additional uncoupling and waterproof benefits to your floor's underlayment while providing perfectly spaced rows to run the heating wire. Several lengths of wire in stock and ready to go!

Underfloor Mat

Underfloor Mat

Add the comfort of heated floors without replacing your existing tile or floor covering. SunTouch offers UnderFloor Mat to be installed between floor joists to warm the floor above!

SunStat Command Thermostat

SunTouch Command Thermostat

The SunStat Command Thermostat offers both a reliable and intuitive way to control your in-floor heat system. The command offers a 7-day schedule that allows you to design a floor heating schedule that best suits your everyday life style.